About Us

Bevo is the largest supplier of propagated plants in North America, providing greenhouses, field farms, nurseries, and wholesalers across the continent with healthy, vigorous, pest-and-disease-free plants.

Plant propagation is a system under which seedlings are nurtured to the ideal level of development for finished growth in greenhouses. Each seedling is cultivated in a specific controlled temperature, nutrient, fertilizer, light and moisture environment to ensure the highest quality plant. Bevo’s main products are vegetable plants such as tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, and cucumbers, along with other plants such as bedding plants, flowers, trees, berries, and grasses.

Bevo markets its products to established greenhouse growers, farms and nurseries throughout North America.

Since incorporation in 1989, planned expansions have grown the Bevo propagation greenhouses in Langley, BC to the present 39 acres. Another 5 acres are located in Pitt Meadows, BC.

As greenhouse growth and consumer demand for quality products continues so does the requirement for new vegetable, flower and other plants. The use of greenhouses to grow vegetables and flowering plants continues to increase.