Field Food Crops

Bevo seeds a variety of field food crops for outdoor production. The most common are Lettuce, Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Herbs. These crops are seeded in trays containing 162 plugs and grown to about 3″-4″ over 18-35 days and then shipped to outdoor fields to grow on for food producing value.

Our seeding is done using high tech seeding machines that insert individual seeds into a plastic tray. Each seed germinates in a bed of peat and is cultivated out, by our experienced growers, in a highly controlled environment using computers that is ideal at all stages of the growing cycle. The trays are engineered for accelerated growth to produce a premium starter plant. As the transplants near shipping maturity they are acclimatized in a hardening off field. Irrigation is done using overhead and/or below (ebb & flow flood floor) watering, and all plants grow in a biologically pest controlled, ultra hygienic environment. We also provide organically grown products (certified or non-certified) that meet stringent national & international standards.