Greenhouse Food Crops

Bevo seeds a variety of greenhouse grown food crops. The most common are Tomato, Cucumber and Peppers (standard – non-grafted, grafted, or grafted & pinched). These crops are seeded and grown to about 12″-16″ over 18-54 days and then shipped to other greenhouses to grow on for food producing value.

Our seeding is done using high tech seeding machines that insert individual seeds into a styrofoam tray. Each seed germinates in a bed of rockwool and is cultivated out, by our experienced growers, in a highly controlled environment using computers that is ideal at all stages of the growing cycle. The trays are engineered for accelerated growth and air pruning to produce a premium starter plant. As plants develop some are first grafted, then all are transplanted, some are pinched, and all spaced to provide a consistent, high quality product. Irrigation is done using overhead and/or below (ebb & flow flood floor) watering, and all plants grow in a biologically pest controlled, ultra hygienic environment. We also provide organically grown products (certified or non-certified) that meet stringent national & international standards.