Hygiene is an essential part of the Bevo process, for the plants and our people.

To keep our facilities free from fungi & bacterial diseases, we have extensive hygiene protocols in place for our plants, our employees, our customers, and our suppliers.

Greenhouse hygiene starts with Bevo’s Hygiene Team.

Bevo’s Hygiene Team consists of up to 11 people, depending on the season. They are responsible for all aspects of hygiene at Bevo, including the structures, machines, tools, and everything that comes inside the walls. The Hygiene Team ensures all entry cleaning & disinfecting machines, hand sanitizers & hygiene mats are ready to go! They also ensure that the employees change into Bevo clothing & footwear as soon as they enter the facility, prior to the start of work.

Unfortunately, we also have to keep visitors out of the greenhouse, as they can bring in plant pathogens from the outside into our facility.  This is part of our extensive protocols to keep disease out of the greenhouse.

Between all different activities, before and after every break, or any other time an employee leaves the greenhouse itself, they must wash and disinfect their hands prior to re-entry.

Bays are cleaned and disinfected before any new plants are laid, and again after it is emptied for shipping. Pathways and warehouse floors are disinfected daily and foot baths are used throughout the facility when transitioning from one zone to the next. The team is responsible for ensuring all wagons and trays used to transport our products are washed and disinfected upon returning from a shipment prior to re-entering production. This team oversees the washing and disinfecting of all trailers and shipping containers prior to loading our products for transport.

When it comes to dealing with Covid-19, we are also prepared.  The team is responsible for all the additional hygiene practices in relation to Covid-19.  It’s basically an extension of what we were already practicing for the plants, and fits in well with the hygiene team’s mandate!

The Hygiene Team is one of our most important teams, as they are at the tip of the spear for keeping Bevo disease and pest free from the onset!  They support our supervisors by keeping everything clean and disease free!