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Experience, Efficiency and Innovation

An unmatched history of innovation

The Bevo Farms story began in 1986, five years after Dutch immigrant Jack Benne arrived in Canada offering significant horticultural experience to the Canadian greenhouse industry. He began what is now a leading plant propagator of choice, with more than 63 acres of growing space today.

The Management Team

The Bevo Farms management team is experienced in every aspect of vegetable plant propagation and the production of floral plants for the wholesale market. They manage state-of-the-art facilities with the goal of producing high quality plants within a modern, hygienic environment.  The team is focused on managing change through the effective introduction of automation and the development of control systems for efficiency of operations.  The focus is on customer WOW.

Leo Benne

President & CEO

Today, Jack’s son Leo is the President and CEO.  Leo joined his Dad early on in Bevo’s development, having gained advanced knowledge of modern horticultural methods in the Netherlands.  Much of the growth of Bevo Farms over the past decades is due to Leo’s leadership and hands-on approach, overseeing every stage of the company’s operations, from seeding to shipping with a focus on corporate sustainable growth.  Leo also specializes in the development of new ideas in order to improve plant quality and overall operating efficiency.

John Hoekstra

CFO & Executive VP

John Hoekstra graduated from Redeemer University with a degree in Business Administration, and is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CGA). John joined Bevo in 2004 as the CFO and is responsible for all finance, administration and accounting activities. John has a clear focus on cost for value in serving the needs of Bevo’s clients, and he pays close attention to the well-being of the employees who make it all happen.

Peter Kuijvenhoven

VP Operations

Peter Kuijvenhoven is the VP for Operations and he joined Bevo in 2012 having worked in the greenhouse industry in a management position for many years in the Netherlands before transitioning to Bevo. Peter’s management strength is built on a forty year track record in the international greenhouse industry and is a major part of Bevo’s success in growing quality plants.  Peter is a leader who expects the best from his team, and he is committed to their development and empowers them with the authority to get the job done.

Highly Effective Teams

The management philosophy of Bevo Farms is based on the development of highly effective teams that operate within a culture of mutual trust and respect, empowering the teams to carry out their responsibility well.  Each team has several key responsibilities that together fulfill the purpose of the organization, adding value for our loyal customer base. The by-product of this culture is to focus on the development of emerging leaders through the development of leadership and skill training in order to maintain the sustainability of Bevo Farms well into the future.

The Growers

The plants are their clients! Every detail required for quality production is supervised by this team, under the leadership of Peter Kuijvenhoven.  The greenhouse production facility maintains the highest standards of hygiene and the very latest ideas for innovation.

Floor Management and Maintenance

Qualified floor managers are responsible for the overall operations of what happens, from the time a seed or cutting is planted to the time it is harvested and shipped to the customer.  Cost for value is what satisfies our customers, which can only be realized through quality production and efficient delivery.  The labour managers play a significant role in applying the available human resources to the task at hand, while also caring for their well-being and safety.  Our health and safety officer makes sure the working conditions for all employees go beyond established standards. Keeping the facilities running smoothly is never an easy challenge especially when there are three separate locations located in Langley, Aldergrove and Pitt Meadows, BC.  The maintenance team is a dedicated group of highly efficient technicians who run proactive maintenance and expansion programs and are always available to deal with the emergency fixes when necessary.

Administration Team

Like any effective administration team, this group of highly professional personnel is responsible for the overall efficiency of the Bevo enterprise which is monitored via Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software designed specifically for the Agro business.  This group serves the other teams at Bevo as well as our customers and represents the functions of floor planning, sales, finance, accounting and human resources, including the health and safety of all our full time and part time employees.  Our sales group is the first point of contact with our customers and they are constantly monitoring the levels of satisfaction with our products and services. 


If you have reason to meet with our staff, you'll be warmly welcomed by our receptionist, Mies. Feel free to drop in.

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