Outdoor Field Crop Seedlings

Bevo seeds a variety of field food crops for outdoor production.

Specialized field crop growing for healthy, hearty plants

Outdoor field crops are something Bevo has specialized in since our inception.  The seeds vary in size from extremely tiny to large melon seeds. Each crop and variety type needs to be treated uniquely to develop properly.

We sow in trays with various plug sizes.  In 2019, we moved our field crop production to our Aldergrove location with very good results.  Because of the location, the night frost ends earlier in the season, allowing us to harden off the crops outside much earlier than in our Langley location.  A hardened off plant is much stronger when transplanted into the field.

We work with a targeted delivery date and start sending pictures of the plants as they progress, working with our customers toward the best delivery date for the crop.  Weather has a significant impact on growing schedules of our field crops, and the ability for our customers to plant them, so flexibility is the key to work with this. We treat plants preventatively for fungi & bacterial diseases.  Our IPM managers are constantly scouting our products so we can take the appropriate actions to prevent crops from harmful insects and disease.

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