Greenhouse Crop Seedlings

Bevo offers a wide variety of propagated greenhouse crop seedlings

Innovative growing techniques lead to superior product.

Our seeding is done using high-tech seeding machines that insert individual seeds into a stonewool plug or block. From that point onward, our growers ensure conditions for germinations and further growth are ideal and consistent. The trays are engineered for accelerated growth and air pruning to produce a premium starter plant.

All crops are grown in a computer-controlled environment that keeps the climate ideal at all stages of the growing cycle.  As the plants develop, some are grafted and pinched, then all are transplanted and spaced to provide a consistent, high quality product. Irrigation is done using overhead systems and/or flood floor systems (ebb& flow), which fill the bay to water the plants from the roots up into the plant.

Everything begins with hygiene – this is key to our success! We maintain a biologically pest controlled, ultra-hygienic environment for all our crops.  Currently, we also provide organically grown products (non-certified) that meet stringent national & international standards.

Our most common vegetable crops are tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and eggplants. These can be standard (non-grafted), grafted, or grafted &pinched plants.  These crops are seeded and grown to about 12″-16″ over 18-54 days and then shipped to production greenhouses for them to grow on for food production that ends up on your store shelves.

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Grafted tomatoes are a Bevo specialty, comprising about 98% of all our tomato crops. We begin their journey as a seed sown in rockwool trays. Then following the grafting stage, we often transplant them into rockwool blocks. The finished product is a grafted tomato plant topped to create 2 or 3 shoots.

"Nursery" is no light term when it comes to tending to their constant growth. From hygiene to LED & HPS lighting, managing their overall crop environment is crucial to their growth. Done with our expert growing team, our own specially developed lighting program masters these techniques with great success!


We take pride in our cucumber crops. Unlike tomatoes and peppers, the seeds of this plant are sown directly into rockwool blocks. Depending on the customer’s requirements, most of our cucumbers grow with either a single stem, or with 2 or 3 shoots.

The conditions of their environment remain just as precisely cared for by the grower team, with Hybrid LED & HPS lighting also being a key factor to their growth.


Our pepper crops embody the forward strides Bevo has made to propagation methods over the past two decades. Like tomatoes, we begin peppers by sowing the plants in rockwool trays. After, we transplant them into blocks, using a 180° transplant method that results in stronger stems. Stem strength allows the plants to be clipped higher, giving more flexibility for the customer after planting.    

We also apply our own Hybrid LED & HPS lighting to pepper growth, either using the lighting in combination with each other or separately. This strategy yields a more fully developed and improved plant: leaf volume displays increased growth speed and quality, allowing the peppers to be planted at the customer’s greenhouse at an earlier age. As such, our innovation with exceptional results that  

grafted Peppers

Over the past decade, Bevo has researched and developed experience in grafting peppers as well.  This research and development has been invested in order to secure the future for an optimal increase in production while preventing root diseases.


All of the eggplants we grow are also grafted.  This is required for eggplants to prevent root issues and maximize the production of the plant.

Eggplants are sown in rockwool trays and transplanted into rockwool blocks, as we do with tomatoes & peppers.