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Phalaenopsis of the Orchidaceae family is the elegant artwork of plant life.

Stemming from Ancient Greek, the name "Phalaenopsis"—meaning "to have the appearance of a kind of moth"—captures the exoticness of the plant's appearance. Its monopodial, tubular structure (growing from a single stem) and narrow, leathery leaves provide a base for the spotlight: arching branches that bear waxy flowers of deep, vibrant colours. Two flat petals and three petal-like sepals comprise the flower bud, whereas the centre is a unique, lip-shaped petal with several lobes.

Though native to the tropical climates of India, China, Southeast Asia, New Guinea, and Australia, phalaenopsis can grow similarly in one's own home under balanced conditions. Whether in a room or by a window, their life will be long and steady in anywhere with natural lighting, but avoid direct sunlight as this would scorch the leaves. To encourage vegetation, they should be kept in warm temperatures that are matched with airflow to balance the humidity. With only their leaves to store water, they require thorough moisture to avoid drying out completely. Under this care, phalaenopsis should bloom primarily through fall to spring.


Our phalaenopsis SUPPLIER

Sion is a Netherlands-based supplier of phalaenopsis specializing in the breeding and growing of young plants.

With the mission to innovate Phalaenopsis varieties, their approach is a merging of scientific craft, creativity, and networking. As a pioneer of modernity, they boast professional laboratories, years of breeding experience, and marketing expertise. The rigorous criteria and techniques they hold their plants to ensure that only the best varieties are created. Their progressive marketing style focuses on promotional campaigns and media consumption, surrounding the plant with the atmosphere of an inspiring trend.  

With craft and consumer combined, Phalaenopsis is their canvas, out of which an aesthetic piece emerges, ready to be admired.

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Bevo & Phalaenopsis

Our collaboration with Sion

Collaborating with Sion is an opportunity for Bevo to offer what few other propagators can and flourish a new future.

Unlike the roses you can find at your local grocery store, Phalaenopsis plants are uncommon in the North American floral market. With Sion, we will increase the accessibility of a plant so rarely seen among our florists and stores, all while expanding our reach to customers. Growing alongside the network Sion has created around Phalaenopsis will invite Bevo into a larger campaign.

Not only will our products garner attention, but our abilities will be showcased as a force of cultivation, capable of the sophisticated orchid.

It is with this prospect that Bevo will stand out as one of the few propagators involved in growing this exotic beauty.
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