Floral Crops

Floral production in pots, baskets & planters.

We produce floral plants year round for wholesalers in North America.

Bevo’s crop specialists take care of all the cuttings coming in throughout the year and make sure they are ready for transplanting and sale. They work together with the IPM manager to ensure the plants are pest and virus free.

Our first floral crop of the year is our Primulas! These come in a myriad of mixed colours to brighten up the darker days of winter and early spring!

At the end of the winter period we start growing hydrangeas. The main colours are white, blue, red and pink. We are always looking into new varieties to grow, as there are new developments with colours that change over time.

In the spring we grow pots, planters and baskets in different plant mixes and sizes.  We grow geraniums, gerberas, petunias, hydrangeas, lavender, and many more varieties. In addition, we also grow 6” annuals such as gerbera’s and geraniums in a wide variety of colours.

Right when spring is slowing down, we start preparing for our next floral products, consisting of chrysanthemums and kalanchoes. These wholesale plant sales run from July through September.

In July we start preparing for the Christmas season with the growing of our fabulous poinsettias!  These plants begin filling the stores in November.

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